Allow our team to create unforgettable events by exceeding your expectations with custom frozen yogurt and toppings selection, exceptional service and creative presentation.

Send A Special Request!

When it comes to helping the community, you can count us in! Yogurtopia has a safe, fun, and effective strategy for helping raise money for good causes. Yogurtopia will host a professional fundraising event at our store, complete with all of your family, friends, neighbors, coworkers, and fellow well-intentioned people.

Groups from all walks of life are welcome at Yogurtopia, including:

  • Any School Clubs
  • Boy Scouts & Girl Scouts
  • Brownies
  • Church Groups
  • Senior Groups
  • Youth Groups
  • Parent-Teacher Associations
  • All Sports Clubs/Teams/Groups
  • Charity Walks/Events

Yogurtopia is a clean, vibrant, delicious place to have a good time while raising cash for your organization. We will do everything we can to make sure you leave with a smile, and a big check! Just fill out the form and come on in to discuss the details of your event.

Set Up Your Fundraiser

Looking for an escape from those routine days at the office? Sweeten things up by bringing your team to Yogurtopia! Lighten the mood, talk business, and enjoy our wide variety of delicious treats. Let us know ahead of time so we can save a space!

Reserve Your Meeting Space

Turn your next gathering into a fabulous frozen function with our flexible on-the-go catering! Customize your menu to surprise your guests. Our friendly staff will attend your event with a smile and a treat. All you have to do is kick-back and enjoy the dessert.

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